Saturday, January 19, 2013

How To: Fringe Bottom Top

Yay to my first "how to" post!
Since it's my first, please disregard all errors. And thank you.
Want something similar to this top I'm wearing? Scroll down to see how to make one!
Before anything else, grab and wear your creativity cap.

Next, look for these thingies:

A shirt you'd want to jazz up. Or if you're not brave enough to destroy one (just in case. I was afraid of that too) grab and old shirt.
I used an old shirt for this tutorial actually.

A pair of scissors that could cut cloth

And fabric paint or fabric coloring materials. These are totally optional. Just to give you an idea if you want to totally personalize your shirt.
Step 1: Cut of the hem of your shirt

Step 2: Cut vertically from the bottom until you're halfway up the shirt and make spaghetti strands. Do this until you've gone around the whole shirt.

Step 3: Stretch each strand to make them long and curl at the end.

Step 4: Decorate if desired.

And there you have it!
Tutorial credits to Kryz Uy. Original post here
Have fun making your own!

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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