Friday, January 18, 2013

Sparkles and Fringe

Before anything else, let me first greet my mom a whooping Belated Happy Birthday! 

Family dinner out just gave me the perfect excuse to wear my newest DIY creation. My own fringe neck piece! If you know Bubbles accessories or Verniece Enciso, or whoever sells or frequently wears a fringe necklace, this would be totally familiar. Call it out of trend but I'd wear it anyway and make a trend of my own. 

Got a sparkly top you don't know how to wear? I've got it dressed down for you today.
I totally understand how it's a slight problem on how to wear sparkly stuff like my blouse here. 
First, I chose to pair it with dark coloured jeans, a totally dressed down feel.  

Next, I put on this fringe necklace to somehow give a soft feel at the front. It actually becomes the focus of the eye and the sparkles don't end up too much to look at.
Then I chose a pair of loafers that complement my necklace  for a totally laid back feel!

BTW, sorry about the blurry or grainy photos. We're still working on this lack of techie knowledge.

Top from a Korean shop, DIY fringe neck piece, Street Jeans pants Solemate loafers

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess 

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