Friday, February 15, 2013

Red Round

Because my creativity level is already measuring up to critical at this moment, I can't think of a better title than a jazzed up song title of the song I'm LSS-ing about right now.
To those hearts that are still on cloud nine and feel like wearing more red but less in a whole outfit, here's to you.
If you think I'm just pertaining to wearing red accessories on dull coloured clothes, well it's not entirely like that. I pulled out this plain white shirt from my closet and paired it with these elephant pants in black. IDK why, but i just found it somehow formal and dinner-date-on-any-occasion appropriate colour combo. 
If you think my next tip will be to wear those oh, so loud coloured accessories, I'm not there yet but I'll get to it.
Surprise! Surprise! Try picking pieces that are tame at the front and party at the back. Now if you're brave enough, you can skip the part of choosing a popping colour for the bandeau. But since I'm not that type, I chose to wear red to match the theme of the day. Now go and accessorize!
DIY top, NCCC Dept. Store bandeau, no brand pants, Shoes Unlimited flats, DIY Necklace
Hope you liked it ! :)

Lira Princess

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