Saturday, June 22, 2013

One More Time

Hey there once again my dear readers! For the past few weeks, I never turned on, touched, or even thought of turning my baby laptop on for non academic purposes. I don't know if I'm just lazy or I'm purely motivated to do better. Though I want it to be the latter, I guess it's the former.
Aaaaaaand! I wore them skirts on a non school day once again! I'm so happy that my skin problems are lessening. I sure would be glad if I'd be more concious and stop scratching my skin. 
Because I haven't spiced up my outfits for a long time now, I decided to play it up a bit. Bright pink top but slightly boyish structure, half open making a black under shirt peek paired with a houndstooth skirt in black and violet. Then I chose black accessories and a white pair of rubber soles to complete the whole  twisted-Lira-style. 
I took my dad a few moments to take in everything and accept the fact that my chosen apparel for that day was slightly uncommon for some people.

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Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess


  1. I think that your outfit is beautiful :) The skirt is probably my favorite part, I love the color and the texture.

    (I'm a totally new blogger so if you have any tips for blogging I'd love to hear them :) Thanks!)

    1. Thanks! :) It's my mom's DIY.
      God Bless you on your blogging! :) xx


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